Who (or What) Are You?

What Are YouJesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter responded by saying that He was Christ, the Son of the living God. If you asked people the same question about yourself (in a spiritual sense), what would they say about you? Flip the question around and consider how you would respond if someone asked you (again, spiritually speaking) who–or what–you were.

Many people, if they are a Christian, would instinctively respond by saying that they were a Baptist, a Church of Christ member, a Pentecostal, etc. Now there is a benefit at times, and certainly a rational, for describing oneself in this way. But Who are you really following? Who are you really identifying with? Who are you really representing?

What Are You2I’ve been fortunate to be around people from many different denominations and non-denominations within evangelical Christianity, but one of the things that breaks my heart is how quickly one group can isolate themselves from other parts of the Body of Christ. We desperately need each other friends and I am convinced that no matter where we sit on a particular day or night, if we are putting up walls between us and another group of Christians that have a different sign hanging in front of their building…we’re missing it.

Christ followers are Christians. There are lots of statistics that all point to there being thousands of denominations and non-denominations of Christians in the world today (the article here claims over 30,000). But for some reason, I can’t find any of them in the bible. There was one Church which consisted of people meeting in many different places–and if you asked any one of them who they were I believe they would have said, “I am a Christian.”

What Are You3Perhaps I’m making too much of this, but I do believe who we say we are matters. Most of us meet at a place that has a particular sign, history and tradition; however, we must never forget that ultimately we are Christians. It is He who we follow and rally around. It is His Word that we hold as our creed and our guidebook. And it is His Church and the Body of Christ of which we are a part. He is Christ. I am a Christian.

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4 Responses to Who (or What) Are You?

  1. Jason Malham says:

    The biggest AMEN I can offer, Danny. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for writing about this and, even more importantly, bringing that question (and every one) back to God’s word.

    I know that most brethren, and especially preachers, mean no harm by the constant reference to “Well, you know us Southern Baptists…” or “We’re proud Methodists…”, etc. but every such comment serves no real function except to detract from Christ and draw more attention to ourselves.

    Again, great stuff and thank you.


    • Danny Wilson says:

      I agree with your assessment Jason. Thank you for sharing. Hope you and the family are well!

  2. Beverly Wilt says:

    I, too, agree that all the followers of Jesus Christ were called Christians. They learned from the inspired teachings of His apostles in the New Testament and asked them questions about their teachings in order to be sure they were worshipping, living and following His teachings as closely as possible.
    As a woman who wants to be a Christian who follows Christ only I must adhere to His teachings in the New Testament. I believe that it is clearly taught that every Christian must do this.
    Because some want to follow most, but not all, of His teachings there are divisions among Christians. This has caused groups to form that end up being called other names besides Christians. They can be the most devoted and caring people but if they are not practicing what the Word tells them to do, they are in error. That is also clearly taught in the New Testament. We are each called to rightly divide the word and are responsible to God for the steps we take and for those we take with us on our journey to a heavenly home. May the Holy Spirit work in us for truth.

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