Up from the Depths

up-from-the-depths1There are times, “normal times” we tend to call them, when things are rolling along just fine and we’re doing our thing. Lights are bright, sounds are loud, tastes are sweet, colors are swirling, words are flowing, answers come easy and we think things are pretty good. Then something happens. You come to a cliff, an unexpected precipice. This is no minor bump in the road either; it’s a three mile drop straight into the depths of life you didn’t even know existed.

All of a sudden everything is dark and unfamiliar, the silence is deafening, tastes are bitter, all is grey that is not black, you are at a loss for words, your thoughts are fleeting, you feel confused, your mind is numb and you think all hope is lost. How could this be? What just happened? Did I do something wrong? Should I have seen it coming? Where am I anyway? Now what? You are in a state of shock as your life as you knew it comes to a grinding halt. The only cognizant thought you seem to have is this reoccurring question of “why?” Why indeed.

Here there seems to be no friend. It’s as if you were alone in a deep, dark cave—a place you only fall into but never climb out of. Everything is going in slow motion now. You try to process what just happened. You ask God why. You begin to pray more, you start to take scripture more seriously, you realize that almost everything you once held to be important was, is and will always be mostly meaningless, a blowing in the wind. Ah, but this one thing…if you could just get out of this dark place. God can You hear me? God will You please help me? God are You there?

up-from-the-depths2Yes, yes and amen. It might take minutes, it might take days, it might take years, but God reaches down and does what you cannot do. He pulls you up from out of the depths. He brings you back into the light. The impossible is accomplished. Hopelessness fades into the glory of reality that defies all logic and expectation. You were good as dead and your life was over as far as you were concerned. But God…. God in His infinite mercy helps and comforts us when we least expect it and when we surely don’t deserve it. At the very point where you have all but given up; no, at the very point where you DID give up, that’s when He set right all that was wrong.

If this happens at the point at which your earthly, temporal life ends and your eternal, heavenly life begins then rejoice doubly for the special favor you have received. But if your rescue occurs in the very middle of your earthly journey then do not let all that once seemed so dear come back in and rob you of the knowledge and reality of Who God is and what He did. Shout if from the rooftops and tell it the whole day long in word and action and attitude and love. Encourage another who is in the same place you were just in and in which, but for the grace of God, you could find yourself again.

God is so awesome! God is so great! God is so merciful! God is so loving! God is so patient! God is so kind! God is so faithful! God is so wise! God is so holy! God is so powerful! God is so gentle! God is so forgiving! God is so involved! God is so real! God is so THERE, with you! God is so HERE, with me. I cannot tell you when you will find yourself in the depths that you cannot imagine. And if you are already there I cannot tell you how or when it will end. But I promise you this: God will lift you up out of the depths if you will continue to cry out to Him, and it will be glorious.

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  1. Ashton says:

    Amen, Mr. Danny. Been there, done that. Still reading your website! Miss you

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