Classroom Series

A classroom series based on the Your Financial E.G.G.S. book is available in the Middle TN area and can be offered in 4, 8, or 12 week formats depending on how in-depth you want to get. The format is one part bible study and one part practical application in the areas of Earning, Giving, Getting and Saving.

Listen to what people from all walks of life are saying about the impact this teaching has had on their lives:

“Danny not only has extensive knowledge of financial matters, he also has a passion for helping others overcome their financial burdens. Since attending these classes, everything about our finances has changed. What used to be arguments are now thoughtful and prayerful times of discussion and planning. Our financial goals are now based entirely on the Word of God. We highly recommend this thought-provoking and truly fun class to everyone searching for the truth about God’s financial plan.” —Randy & Debbie Alexander, Systems Engineer

“I first heard Danny present his E.G.G.S. financial concepts in our home Bible study when I was his pastor. I could hardly believe I was hearing such wisdom come from one of our own, and presented in such a way that was far superior to anything I had heard before. Danny has a financial ministry that is not only Biblically sound and very applicable, but is presented in a way that turns people on to finances instead of off.” —Billy Blackwood, Pastor & Musician

“We just want to tell everyone what a blessing Danny Wilson’s financial ministry has been to us. He took the time to come to our house, sit down with us, and work out a budget made just for our family. The time he invested with our family has had a great impact on us. God has given him a great gift and he shares it with other people. We are so thankful that Danny has an obedient heart, and is willing to serve the Lord.” —Tom & Laurie Donkin

“I highly recommend the Financial E.G.G.S. study. It is a great foundation to build one’s financial rules with. Danny uses solid, Biblical principles to teach us how to use money and why.” —Treesa Hudson, Interior Designer

“We liked the way Danny’s material was presented. We saw things in a way we had never looked at them before, especially the part about tithing…. We probably never really understood it either. After learning about it in this class, we not only understood it, we wanted to do it.” —Marshall & Kim Sanders

“I really enjoyed Danny’s teaching. It gave me a sense of security and peace in an area of my life that I wasn’t sure about. I wish I had gone through a class like this years ago. It provided sound, Biblical teaching on the way Christians should handle their finances, and Danny was on fire about the topics of discussion. Everyone who attends the Financial E.G.G.S series of teachings should benefit by applying the principles taught.” —Benny Bills, High School Principal

“It was absolutely the simplest teaching that we had heard in a long time, and yet it was the most profound.” —Doug & Barbara Snyder, Business Owners

“I encourage you to prayerfully consider allowing Danny to present this material to your church or group. The content is Biblically based, the presentation is effective and entertaining, and the book is a wonderful resource to allow for review of the material. I know Danny’s heart motivation is to help people attain a freedom in their financial affairs which comes from setting proper priorities and living by the truths found in the Bible.” —Randy Clark, Pastor

“One of the things I really enjoyed was Danny’s reference to scripture—I was surprised by how much scripture was in the Bible about being debt-free.” —Tina Goade, Real Estate Agent

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