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Christian Facilitator LogoOne of the things I’m committed to is helping those who teach within the body of Christ learn how to be better facilitators of adult learning. To this end I’ve created a curriculum called Christian Facilitator which fits well in an 8-week series or one-day seminar. Whether you’re a teacher preparing for a bible study, small group or Sunday school class, the Christian Facilitator curriculum provides the ideas, skills and resources you need to make whatever you teach be as engaging, effective, and memorable as possible.

All of us who teach have been given a magnificent opportunity which, if we are true to our calling, should inspire those we lead to intimately know and love God, and each other. That’s the goal.

The participant guide is available under the Christian Facilitator tab at the top of the page and will give you an idea of the topics covered. If you’d like more information, or if you’d like to offer this at your church fellowship, business, non-profit, or other organization, please contact me at:

Danny Wilson


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