Are You Weak Enough to Be Used by God?

When I am WeakMost of us like to be thought of as being a “strong” person. Physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength, etc. are the topics of many a best-seller. We do our best to hide our weaknesses and we play to our strengths. If we are looking for something to do, we tend to gravitate towards those things we are good at. This is all quite natural.

The Christian life, however, is not about our strengths at all. Rather, it is about our weaknesses.  We have to come to the point where we realize we have nothing and can do nothing apart from God. He is our One and Only source of strength and He shows Himself strongest when and where His children are the weakest. Because of this, far from trying to hide his weaknesses, the apostle Paul actually boasted in them (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

It is counterintuitive to be sure and counter-cultural too, even within the church. Nevertheless, God is not looking for people who boast of their strength. He does not need our talents, least of all when we think them to be quite special. No, He is looking instead for the one who is weak, who knows she is weak and who comes to the foot of the cross naked and empty-handed with nothing but a broken and contrite heart. Ah yes, now that is someone God can use!

Are you weak enough to be used of God? Do you know that apart from Christ you can do nothing (John 15:5)? Have you laid aside your talents and your abilities and come humbly before your King? If so, you are primed to see God show Himself strong through you and your weaknesses. It is another fabulous paradox of the Christian life.

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