Ancient Paths – Definitely the Path Less Traveled

Ancient PathsI often wonder how radically different our views about what the Christian life should look like would be if we looked through the lens of historic Christianity instead of modern-day Christianity–especially in America. Jeremiah 6:16 says, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Stand in the ways, and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is and walk in it, and you shall find rest for your souls'” (NASB). I believe this is what all of us need to do today, both individually and corporately.

The bible makes it clear that over time there will be a continual degeneration of things physical and spiritual right up until the Second Coming. This is to be expected. However, what we must be on guard against as Christians who live in the midst of it is being conformed to this world and its way of doing things…even if it is in the professing church.

Who is influencing who? Are we influencing the world or is the world influencing us? Times and cultures change, but God and His Word never do. If the modern church considers things to be normal that would have appalled the early church, why is that? If we say and do and wear and spend and focus and flaunt in ways historic Christians didn’t, why is that?

As soon as we dare to start asking these types of questions the world and often the church starts crying out “legalist” or they accuse you of wanting to live in the backwoods without electricity or running water. But these things really have nothing to do with it. The ancient paths are all about the heart of the matter. It’s about doing things God’s way instead of man’s way.

The look and feel of money changes, but the godly principles of how to use it don’t. The style of clothes change, but the godly principles about modesty don’t. The types of houses families live in change, but the godly principles on marriage and parenting don’t. The things people do for fun change, but the godly principles for conduct don’t. The methods of communicating change with the latest technology, but the godly principles that govern our speech don’t.

Blind Leading the BlindTo find the ancient paths, you must first drop the lens of what you see and hear all around you and be willing to consider that you may be on the wrong road. Most of us are inundated with a sensory overload of just what we are currently surrounded with. If the majority of our friends, family, pastors, teachers, authors, etc. all pretty much do and say the same thing, you start to assume that their way is the way it should be. But where did they get their understanding of the way things should be? Often from the same people, places, cultures and things you did! We could all be on the right path, or it could just as easily be a bad case of the blind leading the blind.

I cannot definitively tell you whether you are on the ancient paths or not, but here is a recipe for finding out: Do your own research and learn the history of the Christian church. Read the writings of the early church fathers and the classic books throughout our history as opposed to just the modern-day ones. Come to the bible without any preconceived, denominational, or modern-day notions and take it for what it says. Read through it, all of it, and pray that God will help you understand and apply it. May the Holy Spirit be your Guide.

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4 Responses to Ancient Paths – Definitely the Path Less Traveled

  1. Alec Cort says:

    Makes me think of that great song, “Ancient Words” They never change nor does our Lord. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
    Ancient Words (Don Moen)
    Holy words long preserved
    For our walk in this world
    They resound with God’s own heart
    Oh, let the ancient words impart
    Words of Life, words of Hope
    Give us strength, help us cope
    In this world, where e’er we roam
    Ancient words will guide us home
    Holy words of our Faith
    Handed down to this age
    Came to us through sacrifice
    Oh heed the faithful words of Christ
    Ancient words ever true
    Changing me and changing you
    We have come with open hearts
    Oh, let the ancient words impart

  2. John Payne says:

    An inspiration this evening as I am finishing my prep work for the Bible Study I teach tomorrow morning at a local mall. Thank you brother.

    BTW, where’d you get that picture with the Jeremiah 6:16 scriptrue on it. I’d love to get a larger version of it.



    • Danny Wilson says:

      Thank you John, and God bless you for the work you’re doing! Unfortunately I can’t remember where I found that image but I know it was just a jpeg or png file. A large print of that would be nice though. 🙂

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