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ProfileHello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Danny Wilson and for most of my life I’ve lived in the heart of Middle Tennessee. If you were to ask me to describe myself I’d probably say that I’m a single Christian dad, banker, writer, facilitator, teacher guy. I have three incredible children and am a learning and development advisor by profession. My blog is all about living as a Christian and it often deals with topics that can at times be challenging for most of us.

A lot of what I write (and in some cases, the intensity with which I write) comes from personal experience with various trials and hardships that I’ve faced which God has faithfully brought me through. Perhaps you can learn a little, laugh a little, cry a little, and just be encouraged as you travel along on your own journey through this ‘ole world we call home.

The website itself is a great source of information on a variety of things that are near and dear to my heart. Please make yourself at home and take a few minutes to browse around. You might not agree with everything you read here, but I believe that you will soon discover a definite passion, conviction and “realness” oozing from the pores of every page. And if I can at least can make you stop and think for a moment, well, that’s gotta be worth something.

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  1. Yvonne Manners says:

    I miss you but now I found you it is lick setting in your class room thank you for this
    love you Yvonne

    • Danny Wilson says:

      Thank you Yvonne. I miss seeing you too. 🙂 Say “hi” to the Sunday School class for me!

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